Hays County High Point Trip Report

three areas (1,640+ ft)

Date: April 18, 2002
Author: Bob Martin

Drive on FM2325 between Blanco and Wimberly to a point just east of the Blanco county line. Drive north on CR338 for 1.4 miles to Montell Road, which is CR339.

Where the topo shows a road leading to the ridge from just east of this junction, we found a house just north of Montel Road, posted property with no one home. It was difficult to tell if there was really a road leading to the ridge. Just west of the junction, however, you can find a road, unfenced, unposted, leading to the ridge crest near the county line. It becomes difficult for 4WD, so it's best to walk. On the ridge crest there is an old stone marker showing the boundary of the two counties. This makes it easy to get to the high point of this area in Hays county.

From the map it looks like an easy walk to the other two high areas. It's not, but we proved it can be done. The brush is very thick, but there are a few paths and openings. We found it necessary to backtrack several times to find a better route.

The northeastern area does have a cleared portion at the top. Southwest of that, there is a fence line leading south that is cleared on it's eastern side. This makes a good descent route and could be a better approach to the northeast area.