Hood County High Point Trip Report

Comanche Pk (1,230 ft)

Date: August 18, 2002
Author: Daniel Smith

There are two approach routes to Comanche Peak: 1) the longer eastern approach hike and 2) the western route. Being from Fort Worth, "Where The West Begins", I had no choice but to choose the western approach. I'm really not sure whom highpointers need to contact to ask for permission, as there are several houses in the Comanche Peak area. Based on the topo map, the east route has a house near it, so that would be a logical place to ask, but I saw what seemed to be a house on the southeastern side of the plateau, so I really have no idea where the property lines are drawn. Also, be aware of the fact that there is some construction on what appears to be an extremely luxurious house at the base of the short trail that I took to the summit. Within the next few months or years, there will most definitely be someone here whom you could ask for permission, but again, I don't know how far their property goes.

On the approach road (Peak Road) watch out for roadrunners as I saw 3 examples of this threatened species. The hike up to the summit was very uneventful. Like Caddo Peak, it is easy to jog this moderately steep (for us flatlanders) slope, but the road and surrounding geology is made of limestone, so watch for it to crumble underfoot, and for small rock fall. The highpoint is at the far end of the plateau from where the limestone road tops out. There is a faint dirt road (not on the topo) that splits off to the right as you walk south, and this will take you very close to where you need to go. Follow it for about 0.25 mile and look to your left (east). You should see the concrete USGS-placed benchmark as well as a steel marker, which seems to indicate the highpoint. The steel post's base is barely higher than the USGS marker, so I see no need to change the HP elevation up at all. From this spot, you will be able to look further east and see a windmill and a wooden building. I'm not sure if this is a house or some sort of a group cabin, but if anyone else knows, please let me know. On the descent, I looked off of the same limestone road that I had climbed to reach the summit, and an idea hit me.

You have to understand, that I absolutely love all things having to do with the mountains, and my mind often operates in a solely winter-based mode. If there is ever a huge amount of snowfall in this part of Hood County, there is a short pitch that would be very easily skied. There would have to be enough to blanket the rocks, and still some trees would get in the way, but how cool would it be to say that you skied Texas one winter weekend!

Driving Directions: Beginning in Fort Worth, TX, go west on southwest Loop 820 toward Benbrook. Take Exit 429-A (US 377) southwest to Granbury. In Granbury, take the exit for TX 144. Bear right (north) on TX 144. At first light, turn left (south-southwest) onto FM 51 / Paluxy Road. Turn left (southeast) onto Peak Road. Continue until 5th 90-degree bend in the road. This spot is at the base of the unpaved road leading up to Comanche Peak's summit plateau. When I was there, construction was being done on a rather large building (house?), so that may present some future road changes to reach the highpoint.