Hopkins County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 13, 2001
Author: Dave Olson

There is a historical plaque in downtown Cumby. It says that Cumby is located on the highest ground in Hopkins county. The highest ground is rather flat. From 120 feet away one can tell what is higher/lower, but it is tough on top. On open ground I would hike once across it, grid it two or three times and call that sufficient. Putting a town and homes down on the HP makes all this more difficult. Cumby is a down-at- the-heels sort of town.

To encompass the east HP area start at the historical plaque, hike north across the playground, a half- block west, one block south and back to the plaque. In my opinion the highest ground is behind the main street businesses and is partly fenced off. The unfenced ground looks to be as high as the fenced ground; error estimate = 2 inches.

For the west area, hike two blocks west and one block north. This HP area looks higher than the east area. In my opinion the highest ground is occupied by a brown mobile home belonging to "The Hales". In my opinion the backyard and front yard are the same height; error estimate = 3 inches. I did not consider it worthwhile asking the owner if I could walk in the backyard.