Houston County High Point Trip Report

Date: October 31, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

Roy Schweiker's reconnaissance report mentions encountering four dogs jealously guarding the highpoint, Houston Mound. To update the canine situation, there are now five dogs on the upper reaches of the mound with another two standing watch at the lower level approach. But the dogs can be dealt with.

Two counties bisect the mound, famous in the area as an historical survey reference point, with Anderson County to the north. The road crossing the mound runs east/west paralleling the county line but wholly within Houston County.

From Loop 304 around Crockett proceed 18.5 miles north on 2022 to Mound City. Turn left onto a dirt road, which leads to the high point. It was here two mongrels stood post, pursuing any vehicle trying to breech the mountaintop. Each time I passed by this intersection they were plopped right in the middle of the road and did not take kindly to interlopers, but didn't feel obligated to follow their quarry all the way to the hilltop.

At the top of the mound and off to the left is a fenced home with five dogs who are usually riled by passers-by. But the fence opening is small and except from this vantage point the view of the road is blocked. I continued down the road to the bottom of the mound, parked the car, and proceeded north into the forest. There were no signs restricting access. Going up to the top of the mound to the north - here you are in Anderson County - I turned to the south and traversed across the hilltop spine back to the road and directly across from the house with the dog pack. They were not spooked. This most likely counted for the highest spot, but not for certain. Returning to the car, I drove back up the hill and just over the crest in the road stopped without disturbing the dogs. Here I was able to climb the road embankment on either side. Then for good measure, I drove into the yard, the dog pit, and "Martinized" a few of the high spots while stirring up a hornet's nest.