Howard County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: January 4, 2005
Author: Bob Packard

I drove north on US 87 toward Big Spring and turned in on Country Club Road. Parked at HP of that road near house #701 and intersection with north-south residential road called San Juan Trail (not shown on USGS map). Walked south the full length of this northern contour area, 3 miles round trip.

On the return I found Williams BM in a 3' x 3' concrete square block low to the ground just north of an east- west fence line. To get close to this, line up the north-south and east-west branches of the dirt road which is up there and does show on the USGS map. This is a wind farm area and there are radio towers.

I drove south on US 87 to a point west of the southeast contour area and drove in on a residential road called Brian Road and parked at the start of driveway for house #508. Walked in and got permission from the people at the house to walk around the house which is inside the contour. I think high spot is behind the house.

A little further south on US 87 I came to a very rough residential lane leading to two residences called "Wilderness Trail". Drove that west a little ways, parked, jumped fence, walked southwest up to the southwest area in pasture, juniper, and cacti on posted land.