Hunt County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 6, 2004
Author: Daniel Smith

From Greenville, I traveled north on US 69 for several miles, passing Kellogg and turning left (west) on FM 2194. The road jogs east-northeast for several miles before reaching a right turn onto FM 903. Continue on this road until you reach Hunt County 1103 (signed) on the left (west) which goes past a radio tower that is not on the map. The road turns to gravel a short distance from the HP. Find a spot to pull of and you can look north toward a fossilized school bus and the HP. Note, though, that there is a manmade hill just past the bus which is not the HP on the map; this was likely built up as a foundation for a house that has long since vanished. The true HP, which is probably lower than the home site, is a little bit past the stock tank seemingly near or just to the north of a clump of trees. Based on the flat nature of this area, gridding a few times should be sufficient. Cattle provide company in this lonely area.

Though DeLorme mistakenly calls out FM 3427 as the road that heads west toward the HP from Kingston (actually FM 903), FM 3427 heads east near Kingston Baptist Church and provides a good cut-off to TX 34 if you're looking to visit Delta County as well.