Hutchinson County High Point Trip Report

Date: November 11, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

One region extends slightly into Hutchinson county from the west side along a paved county road. Another region about 0.7 mile north just barely nicks the county line; i.e. the county line here is tangential (very nearly) to this portion of the 3,380-foot contour. Therefore it is reasonable to exclude that tiny portion to the north and concentrate on the part along the road, which is what I did.

To get to this road, I came in from the west in Moore county along FM-1060, which runs north-south. Take East Road K eastbound; the junction is across from a large set of grain silos. This road curves south, then east again. Less than a mile later the road passes some buildings. According to the map the county line is just east of a small set of buildings on the south side of the road, but there is no sign mentioning this along the road. I parked, got out and paced the area a bit, and decided to call this one good.