Hutchinson County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 21, 2002
Author: Walt O'Neil

I continued west on Route 293 a mile to Route 136 and headed north past Fritch to Route 687. At Sanford, Route 1319 NW took me to Route 1913. I took this north to its end at Route 152. Headed west 1/2 mile to Route 1060 and went 4 miles to Road "K". I proceeded east, bent south and east again, shortly after which is the unmarked county line (the pavement changed at this point).

This is the esteemed HP area. Walk a little north and south of the road to grid the small contour. This all seems confusing but it worked.

If coming from the Roberts HP area, you can take Route 152 west to Stinett and FM 1923 north to Road "K", which has the same name in Hutchinson and Moore Counties. Head west to the HP.