Irion County High Point Trip Report

12 areas (2,740+ and 2,750+ ft)

Dates: March 12 and 15, 2003
Authors: Bob Martin and Scott Surgent

There are a lot of areas, but basically they are along one north-south ridge. To reach it, drive east about 4 miles on FM2469 from TX169, about 10 miles north of Barnhart. Here a good gravel road leads south.

On our first trip, in 2002, we visited the area within and around and west of the 2,750 ft contours. This area is about 3 miles south and a mile west of the FM2769 junction. It is undoubtedly the high area of the county. A USGS man said that where there are intermediate contours, there should not be areas that high where there are no such contours. However, later, another USGS man said that it is the draftsman's choice to leave out intermediate contours.

Thinking there might be a big rock like in Wayne county, MO, out there in one of those 2,740 ft contours, we thought it best to go back and check it out. We visited the other 2,740+ ft areas, which are all near or along the road, and found nothing but almost flat land.

The two areas to the northeast on Ketchum Mountain are barely over 2,740 feet and are out of contention.