Jackson County High Point Trip Report

Date: January 27, 2003
Author: Bill Jacobs

As luck would have it, I found a gateless road - not shown on the topos - leading to a point between the two areas. Bring a GPS and healthy respect for wandering bovines. Plan on trudging four miles through pastures. The starting point of Foster Road and H77 is 14.3 miles north of the Victoria, Texas H463 Loop.

0.0 H77 and Foster Road.
0.8 Left (L) Turn (T).
0.9 Right (R) T.
1.4 LT
1.5 RT
2.5 RT (Lavaca County 441)
2.6 LT
2.9 Cross under power lines.
3.0 RT ("Lavaca 442 County" "Dead End").
3.3 LT (70 degrees).
3.6 RT
3.8 Topo shows LT but continue straight.
5.2 End of road.

I used the coordinates 29° 3' 48" N, 96°56' 16" W) for the area (1) to the southwest and (29° 4' 42" N, 96° 55' 3" W) for the area (2) to the northeast. With no prominence, numerous groves of scrub trees blocking line of sight, and little in the way of distinguishing landmarks to maintain orientation, it is doubtful you will be able to find either of these areas relying solely on topo maps.

Area one is located next to a fence, which appears to straddle the Jackson/Lavaca county line. There is a small pile of rusted barbed wire nearby. Area two also has a fence line running across the hilltop (actually, two parallel fences with a road in between) but I did not feel it followed the county line.

The pastures were flush with wandering herds of cattle, which tended to flee as you approached. The bulls were more contrary and stood their ground. Locals warned to be wary as a farmer in the last year met his Maker after a bull mistook him for a competitor.