Jasper County High Point Trip Report

three areas - one has BM Hardy 3 1/4 mi N Harrisburg [Harrisburg] (580+ ft)

Date: March 25, 2001
Author: Roy Schweiker

These 3 points, close together and in the middle of nowhere, seem to have 3 different owners. Also they aren't as far in the middle of nowhere as you might think, the 1:25000 quad on Topozone doesn't show the state highway only 1/4 mi. away although the hard-copy quad shows it as a white swath. From R255, 0.7 mile W of the county line, go N 0.3 mi. on CR 232. I didn't find BM Hardy but that area had been logged. I didn't see any posting at the site but driving back saw a "Posted" sign further down that may apply to the area, however the HP may be a bump in the road right of way.

The second area is beyond a gate marked "Union Pacific Resources Donner Unit A#1", as a stockholder, I know the company is now Anadarko Petroleum. If you have an urgent need to visit this area, the emergency number is 409-698-9606. The area S of the road has been cleared and the highest area is probably in the brush to the N.

The third area is near a radio tower and is accessed by a separate gated road, which is not posted.

Topo chart