Jeff Davis County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 15, 2003
Author: David Olson

We went to Murphys in Ft. Davis to pick up breakfast and package lunches, then to the Nature Conservancy for our guide. Our guide was Pam Gaddes of Alpine. Access was from the northeast, Madera Canyon to Bridge Gap. Hiked from there to the top, Baldy Peak, Mt. Livermore, 8378 feet, coHP of Jeff Davis TX.

The top is a cockcomb, a fin, of granite eight ft wide on top and cliff on both sides. There is a route up the north side of the west end, class 3 for 10+ feet and a scramble for much of the rest. The top was in clouds and there were no views to photograph.

We were nine on top: Andy Martin, Dave Covill, Roxanne Everett, Kevin Williamson, Mike Coltrin, Jerry and Betty Brekhus, Ken Akerman and me.