Johnson County High Point Trip Report

Date: June 15, 2001
Author: John Garner

two westernmost points (1,060+ ft)

Take US 377 southwest from Ft Worth to Cresson. At Cresson, turn left (southeast) on TX 171. At 1.6 miles from US 377, turn left (east) on a county road. At 0.3 miles from TX 171, reach the top of a hill. One of the areas is in a yard immediately along the right side of your road. To reach the other, turn left (north) on a two-track path. Drive (or walk) about 200 yards to the obvious hp.

eastern point (Caddo Peak, BM 1065)

I had tried several times without success to reach this one. Take SR-174 South from I-35W, just south of Fort Worth. At Joshua, turn right (west) on FM 917. Wind through town, following signs for FM 917. At 2.1 miles from TX 174, turn right (north) on FM 1902. At 1.2 miles from FM 917, turn right on a county road, Caddo Peak Road. A fairly large sign says "Caddo Peak" (they're lying - there's no access to the peak from the road). At 0.4 miles from FM 1902, turn left on Caddo Peak Trail. Take this for another 0.4 mile; turn left on Apache. Go along Apache, noting the radar tower above you, on top of the peak.

I parked at 1416 Apache, at a private residence. I asked the people about the peak, and they said their property backs up to the parcel containing the peak, and there is no fence between. They graciously allowed me to pass through. There is no trail, only a horrendously overgrown slope. The actual "hike" is a couple hundred yards up a steep, rocky, brambly, poison-ivy-laden slope, with an elevation gain of about 125 feet. Work your way up however you can.

At the top, there is an old radar tower, in some disrepair. Nice views, especially for flat northern TX. This is a bump 100' above the surrounding terrain. I could not locate the benchmark. There is a road at the top, but this road heads down to the north, and there is a locked gate at its end.