King County High Point Trip Report

Date: May 26, 2002
Author: David Olson

This is easy but remote. Here is a road log. Start at the junction of county road 111 and county road 101. One way to get to that junction is to go west of Guthrie on US 82 for 5.6 miles, signed county road 113 and "Pitchfork Farms", then north 6.4 miles, county road 113 meeting county road 111 a little south of the start-junction.

From the start-junction go west on county road 101. At 0.37 mile is a feed mill with 3 rail cars. County road 101 sign is here. There is a confusing tangle of roads around the feed mill. Go west. At 0.74 mile is a cattle guard. At 1.35 is another cattle guard, then beside a cultivated field until 2.30 miles. At 2.47 is another cattle guard. At 2.80 is a gully with notable road cut. At 3.70 is a junction with county road 114, just past windmill. Turn left. At mile 4.20 stop and hike south 0.15 mile.

Be grateful. In this increasingly private age these roads could easily be locked up and closed to us outsiders.