La Salle County High Point Trip Report

Dates: January 15-16, 2004
Author: Scott Surgent

one area along western boundary near Encinal (650+ ft)

The southern area is actually split over the Mesteno Creek North and South quads, but is actually just one area. A good-quality oil-lease road leads right over the top, making it very easy and convenient. From I-35, take the Encinal/TX-44 exit, and proceed west on TX-44 for 0.5 mile to a major dirt road, heading northwest. Proceed on this road 5 miles, then turn right (northeast) for 3.1 miles, and park at a small oil pump/storage facility marked "Burkholder" on the right. Hop the fence and walk this road about 0.7 mile in a southeast direction. Use a GPS to gauge the county line. You should be at or very near the center of this area. The brush here is virtually impenetrable otherwise.

four areas in the northwest corner (650+ ft)

The other four areas are congregated together in the county's northwest corner. From Big Wells in Dimmit County, proceed east to "Sandy County Road" which is at a sharp bend left in the highway, roughly 11 miles. (This is immediately before the Dimmit-Zavala county line). Follow Sandy Road (appropriately named) in a general east-northeast direction about 0.8 mile to a gated road leading south-southeast. You will likely park here. Walk this easement road south-southeast about 1.2 miles to another gate, ignoring side roads along the way. Pass the gate, and proceed about 0.1 mile to another road veering off to the southeast (not shown on the map). The largest and southernmost area is easily reached by this road, while the moderately large northern area is reached by another road/path immediately to the northeast. The area is dotted with hunters blinds and probably would not be a good place to be in season. The final two areas are roughly between the large areas and were conclusively sighted to be lower.

Bob Martin and I did these in parts, doing the southern area as the sunset in a light drizzle, and the northern areas the following day. I talked to some guys at the northern areas gate who let us pass in and kept the gate unlocked for us to exit.