Lamar County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 16, 2002
Author: Fred Dale

My thanks to the first-ascender for site information on this one.

EAST POINT: From Paris, TX, travel west on US Highway 82 about 13 miles to the junction with FM 38, which is a couple of miles from the Fannin County line. Turn north. Just over a 1/2 mile up this road, and on the left (west) is the knolled farm field adjacent to the road that is the smaller of the two cohp areas to be visited.

WEST POINT: Now, back down to Highway 82. Go west a half mile and turn north into the ranch with the old house and work sheds up on the rise a half mile from the highway. I parked here. Vehicles alerted me to the presence of attendants, but with no answer to my knocks on the door or to my calls, I walked north to get a view of the tractor I could hear. Mercifully, it was not muddy. I jogged north on the farm track along the tilled field and to the highest ground there in the field 1/4 mile from the buildings, trying to get the attention of the fellow on the distant tractor. Evening setting in, I left, my 9th cohp for the day complete.

topo chart

GPS coords (NAD27 reference ellipsoid) -

East point: (33° 36.59' N, 95° 49.49' W)
West point: (33° 36.56' N, 95° 50.23' W)