Liberty County High Point Trip Report

Date: August 21, 2000
Author: Bill Jacobs

Davis Mountain is the highest point in Liberty County, Texas and be called up by this name from .

From the road running east and west at the north base of Davis Mt. the topo shows an unimproved road climbing to the cohp. I could not find where this road/path connected to the main highway and believe it may be totally overgrown and unusable at this location.

Instead, park at the Davis Hill Baptist Church nearby versus parking on the narrow roadsides. Walk about 50 yards to the east and take a rough trail uphill for a hundred yards or so and follow it as it turns left into a large clear-cut area. Continue along this route until it comes to a "T" which I believe is the old road shown on the topo. Turn left and proceed up this rough road until the clear-cut areas come to an end and you will see a obscured old trail going into the forest. Follow this until it crests and proceed left into the forest to locate the highest area.