Lipscomb County High Point Trip Report

Liberty Benchmark (2892+/- ft)

Date: November 11, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

Lipscomb County's highpoint is a very large region enclosed by a 2,880-foot contour, but a USGS Benchmark at 2,892 feet helps indicate where the actual highest region might be located. From US-83 and its junction with TX-23, drive north on TX-23 about 2 miles to a fairly obvious high area along the road. One candidate region is at the corner of TX-23 and a local road, Locust Grove Road. Here, I parked and walked around for a bit. The weather was very cold and breezy, so I didn't stay out long.

A second region is about 0.6 mile south of the Locust Grove junction on the west side of the highway. There are some fairly obvious "bumps" and ridges in the field that were about 3-5 feet higher that the road. I parked and walked in among the dense, scrubby grass, and inspected these bumps. They were definitely there, about 1-2 feet above the nearby ground, but it's possible they could be man-made from long ago. The ground here is hilly (barely) enough to locate some regions as better candidates than others.

Due to the stiff breeze and the very cool temps (high 30s), I found it uncomfortable to stay out long, so I hightailed it back to my car and headed south into the town of Canadian for a gas/food stop.