Loving County High Point Trip Report

unnamed (3,374 ft)

Date: March 16, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

I had given Loving a half-hearted try in January from the south. This time I'd try from the north through New Mexico. Armed with a good BLM map, first tried it from the west along gas line roads off of Orla Road (TX FM-652), but roads gave out too quick. Backtracked north to the highway (I forget the number. NM-130-something) to another major dirt road which lead southwest (access about 20 miles west of Jal). Drove in about 12 miles until I met with No Trespassing signs.

Passed over cattle grates among increasingly sketchier roads until I got bogged in sand. Thank God for 4 wheel drive. Extracted myself and decided to give up. Took a hotel in Kermit and tried again the next morning, but the southerly approach was gated shut.

I propose Rattlesnake Point for this county's hp since it's a portion of the already named Rattlesnake Ridge just north the state line in NM.