Lynn County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 12, 2001
Author Scott Surgent

Lynn county's highpoint proved to be a pleasant experience after a series of flatties. This would be my 6th of 8 highpoints for the day.

From the intersection of US-380 and FM-179 in the community of West Point, proceed north on FM-179 about 3 miles to a section-line road off to the right (east). This road is obvious as it has a utility pole right in the middle of it at the main road, instead of off to the side. Turn and follow this dirt road a little over a mile to a point where it ends at a small metal pipe sticking out of the road (the topo map shows the road jigging south and another one continuing east along a fence line but these were sketchy tracks at best. Another road leading north from this post is not on the topo). There are no fences or restrictive signs, and the sandy hills offer a good place to park your car.

From this post in the ground, I walked north about a quarter-mile to the crest of a rise in this road (the one not noted on the topo). From here, looking to the east, were a series of low hills about 1,000 feet away. I hiked out to these hills and just hiked up until I topped out on one that was higher than the rest. My sight-level came in real handy and I felt certain I was at the highest point. The topo shows a bewildering mess of contours so it really isn't much help except getting you to the general area.

The wind was really kicking up with blowing sand and dust and I had to cover my mouth while hiking to avoid ingesting dirt. I passed through some big dust clouds on my way up to Lubbock (just to the north).