Martin County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 13, 2001
Author: Scott Surgent

Martin county, just north of Midland, was my 18th and final highpoint for this trip, and it wasn't even on my original plans. Bob Martin suggested I try for this county as it was easy, legal and with good road access. He supplied me a copy of the topographical map.

Access is from TX-349 between Lamesa and Midland. I came down from Lamesa, heading south (the highway is at a slight SSW trend from true south). Pass through the community of Patricia, then pass into Martin county. Slightly less than 2 miles inside Martin county, turn left onto County Road D-2651, which trends at a slight SSE direction. Drive in no more than 300 feet and park where convenient. The highpoint is a low hill about a half-mile east of the highway/county road intersection in an unfenced, unposted field. Generally hike perpendicular to the county road toward the slightly obvious rise, an overall gain of about 40 feet. The topographical map lists a USGS benchmark "Sandy" about 1.5 miles south of the highpoint, but it is lower by about 10 feet than the true highpoint.