Mason County Highpoint Trip Report

two areas on Monument Mountain Peak on Blue Mtn (2,160+ ft)

Date: March 16, 2003
Author: Scott Surgent

On FM-1871 just inside the west boundary of Mason County, we spied a private road (gated) that appeared to go all the way to the highpoint but it entailed 2+ miles of walking each way on posted land, so we looked instead for a route from the east, a minorly-promising network of roads that seemed to get close to the HP areas. From FM-1871 we went east to James River Road, then south to Mill Creek Road (as I recall, the signage didn't quite match the map information but following the bends in the road got us there easy enough).

The map shows a poor-quality road leading in to Walnut Spring. We found this road at an abandoned residence and followed the road in past one gate (no posted notices, unlocked), parking at a second gate near a windmill. We hopped the second gate and followed the road. We went left at a junction which turned out to be a bad idea (go right). We found ourselves in thick brush atop the mesa but in time found some tracks that led to roads that led to the HP, which we scaled easily. The top is flattish and we walked its length. We sight-leveled to the other area and saw a house on it. Furthermore, we could easily make out the ground it sat on, suggesting it was lower than the similar 2,160-foot level shown on the map.

On the hike out we followed the 'good' road back to the vehicle. About a year later I got an e-mail from the landowners who read my report on my website. They were friendly and liked having the HP on their property. They run a guest ranch, so you may be able to get this HP easier than we did if you stay with them. Their web page is here.