Maverick County High Point Trip Report

one region along highway TX-131 (975 ft)

Date: November 11, 2001
Author: Scott Surgent

The lone 975-foot contour within Maverick county contains an old gravel pit with obvious man-made "hills" dotting the area, just off highway TX-131. The highpoint is roughly 1 mile south of the Maverick-Kinney county line, about 20+ miles north of the city of Eagle Pass (on the Rio Grande) and about the same distance south of Brackettville. I came from the south and drove to the county line before doubling back and parking off the highway.

It's not at all obvious that this is the highpoint region, except for the old gravel-pit piles. I hopped a fence and dashed out about 300 feet to the hills. I think technically these hills could be ignored; the 975-foot region is obviously natural, whereas the hills are not. But for satisfaction purposes, running up these little bumps is easy enough.

Be forewarned: the Border Patrol is present in the area. In fact, the highway has two dirt frontage roads for most of the way, which the BP use to scan the brush for illegal aliens and other "suspicious" activity, which I'm sure highpointing can fall under. I saw 3 BP vehicles between Eagle Pass and the HP area. I think I did the entire "hike" in less than 5 minutes.