McLennan County High Point Trip Report

three areas

Date: January 20, 2003
Author: Bill Jacobs

The highest points are near the town (population 709) of Crawford, Texas. If the name sounds vaguely familiar, it's the permanent home of George W. Bush. Fortunately, his ranch is not near any of the high areas alleviating the resultant access problems that would have ensued, particularly among those of Democratic persuasion in our group.

From downtown Crawford (intersection of H185 and H317) head west on H185 for 7.5 miles. Then continue north (do not follow H185 as it takes a 90 degree left turn to the west) for 4.3 miles to Bohne Road. Turn left (west) for 0.4 mile to Spross Lane. Traveling up Spross pass immediately on the right, out in the pasture, one of the three areas with some trees and rusted farm equipment (the 963-foot sighting).

Off to the left is a second flat area with little terrain definition.

Then 0.6 mile up Spross is a convenient point to park and approach the third area off to the left. It's a spill-over from Coryell County and, given the proximity to a 980-foot contour in Coryell, is probably McLennan's highest point. The road leading to the area, as shown on the topo, is no longer in evidence. Looking at this area from Spross Lane note on the left side open land for cultivation, a strip of land with bushes and trees in the middle (where undoubtedly the old road passed), and pasture land on the right. The middle area, as it adjoins the county line, appears to be the highest point.