Milam County High Point Trip Report

Date: April 7, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

The topo shows a road passing over the top of the county highpoint, a tantalizing prospect for any self- respecting "Martinizer", but as fate would have it, the road has long since surrendered itself back to the Texas wilderness.

From H36 in Milano, at the west end of the railroad overpass, proceed south on South Church Street, through two 90-degree turns, for 1.8 miles. Turn right (west) onto Milam CR331 for 1.2 miles. This is the end of a maintained road and corresponds to the southeast corner of the cleared area on the topo.

An old, white-painted re-barbed gate was open and I drove to the house atop the hill in the pasture ahead. The elderly gentleman who answered the door owned the highpoint property and had no objection to visitors.

From the previously-mentioned gate, follow the fence line to the west. Exit the pasture and follow the path devoid of major undergrowth, evidence once there was a road hued out from the forest. After cresting two minor hills, turn left at an open area with reddish dirt, possibly old mine diggings. Continue up the hill and just prior to the summit, turn 45 degrees to the left. Work your way through the undergrowth for the easiest side to approach the high area, located amongst some ornery bushes.