Mitchell County High Point Trip Report

Stepp Mountain - BM Stapp (2,574 ft)

Date: March 19, 2003
Author: Scott Surgent

I followed the "main" dirt road that is north of Stepp Mountain to a lesser road just east of the Mitchell- Nolan county line. The map shows this road to go south then west a tiny bit. I found an unposted, unlocked "crumple" gate, and followed this road to its end at an oil well. This put me up high on the north flanks of the mesa and out of view of the main road.

The hike up is very brushy and very steep, with a hefty caprock at the top rim, but some inspection will usually yield a way up over this caprock (I shimmied up an 8-foot section using hands -- class 3 probably).

The top is flat and long. A 15-ft "pole" (a 4x4 wood lath) is visible to the south, held steady by guy wiring. I was able to find the benchmark at this site, covered in small rocks and dirt. I brushed away stuff until I saw that lovely triangular imprint on brass.

There were any number of slight rises on top this mesa that could have been as high or higher than the BM. I hit as many as I could see on the hike to the pole and back. I think this is sufficient.