Montague County Highpoint Trip Report

five areas within 3/8 mile north of TX 59 - 6 miles west of Saint Jo (1,320+ ft)

Date: May 30, 2005
Author: Bill Schuler

on Saint Jo quad quadrangle

Driving: From US 287 and TX 59 in Bowie, TX, zero odometer.

  0.0   US 287 and TX 59 - go north on 59
11.8   Montague County line
18.0   Turnout on left near a tower - park

Hiking: The first spot is near the tower. There are four more areas farther north along a ridge. After climbing the fence to the tower, a track starting right and then bearing left gets you out to the other areas. I felt that the tower area was the highest but it was inconclusive and it's a nice walk to the other points.

Note: You may want to backtrack (driving west) to the previous rise in the road and take a track north out to the base of Blue Mound and then up to its summit at 1318 feet. There's a BM "DYE" on top.