Montgomery County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 18, 2001
Author: Bill Jacobs

Montgomery is located in southeastern Texas, within a two-hour drive of Houston Intercontinental Airport (IAH).

From Longstreet, which is two miles east of Richards on H149 and 19 miles west of New Waverly at I-45, proceed north four miles to Bays Chapel Church. Longstreet is nothing more than a community house at a country road intersection. At Bays Chapel Church you have three options to gain the highpoint about a half mile to the northwest.

Option one, go west, young man, on a dirt road through an unlocked gate, with a sign that requests you close after entry, to a farm house. The highpoint is directly to the north across an uninviting fence. I found no one home and chose to go no further.

Options two and three are down the road to the north from Bays Chapel Church. As the trees along the road thin out, you can spy the hilltop to the west. Just before the house on the left is a gate and a road leading up to the highpoint but well within sight of the house. As I learned later, this access does not belong to the house but is owned by the homeowner's brother and his parcel of land extends up to and includes the cohp. He has a small house trailer near the top and is in the planning stages of building a house.

The house further up the road, which I originally presumed was the owner of the hilltop, is signed with no trespassing and neighborhood watch warnings. I found no one home at first, but by chance upon my return hours later, the owner happened by and allowed me to cross his land to gain the highpoint. I later sent him some topos of his environs in an effort to establish favorable relations.