Moore County Highpoint Trip Report

3,825+ ft

Date: September 24, 2006
Author: Edward Earl

I approached this one from the north on US 287. About 2 miles S of Etter (which is near the Sherman-Moore county line) and just S of a mammoth agricultural storage facility, I turned W on Road E, which is paved. After 3 miles, I turned left (south) on Starkey Road, which is paved but narrow. After 2 miles, I reached Road G one mile W of Road B. From that point onward, I followed Scott Surgent's directions.

County Line Road is soft dirt and narrow. A vehicle without 4WD would probably have trouble in wet weather.

The old windmill mentioned in Scott's report is gone. The only landmark near the turn off of County Line Road is a complex of empty corrals.

There is no direct evidence of the county line in the field. There are two pumps along the road W of County Line Road; at the second, the road condition deteriorates to a two-track. The change in condition suggests the county line is here, but this point seems to be approximately 1/2 mile from County Line Road, which is too far. The actual county line is probably somewhere near the first pump. I got out of the car and paced the flat field on the S side of the road near both pumps.

I returned to US 287 following Scott's directions in reverse. The road conditions along this route are not as good as the route I used to get in. The pavement is cracked and uneven and there are some sections of gravel.