Morris County Highpoint Trip Report

three spots (610+ ft)

Date: January 31, 2006
Author: Fred Dale

Our official guide lists three areas. Two of the three are at one car stop. You can walk the ridge or drive to the "611" area. Though the intact fire tower serves as a reference to original ground, there has been extensive excavation, especially in the vicinity of the "611" spot. Thanks to Bob Martin for information.

Proceed west on TX Highway 11 from downtown Daingerfield to the west city-limit sign, 0.2 mile past the Westside School. Turn right (north) onto the dirt road that splits immediately. Take the left and all subsequent lefts. At 0.5 mile, a steep uphill portion peels off to the left. The final left at the top goes to the abandoned fire tower but go ahead and park anywhere in this large hilltop cleared area, walk around.

I guessed the highest spot was on the northwest side of the microwave tower at (33° 2' 25" N, 94° 44' 52" W) which is very near the northwest 610-foot contour area. This spot, adjacent to the rut road through the hilltop, overlooks some small rocky cliffs on the hill's north side.

Access to the above area was free of signs or gates but, on the descent back down the way I came, I was confronted by negative signage on a turnoff that would seem to lead to the western sections of the ridge. So I descended back to the dirt road that led in from Highway 11 to the point 0.5 mile from the highway. Excavators were working in view up the crude road to the north, so I turned in through the gate and asked permission. The fellow said, "of course."

I drove but if wet it'd be best to walk up the short distance. At the top the entire "611" area was easily explored for remnant high ground.

GPS-derived coordinates using NAD27 datum:

northwest point (33° 2' 27" N, 94° 44' 55" W)
lookout tower (33° 2' 20" N, 94° 44' 52" W)
"611" area remnant(s) on-site (33° 2' 29" N, 94° 44' 26" W)

topo chart