Nacogdoches County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 22, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

Nacogdoches is a two-area county, one of which is a half-mile diameter plateau formed from the remnants of a mining operation.

From the intersection of H225 and H204, near Cushing, proceed north on H225 for 0.7 mile. On the left is a gated road with the aged sign "Button Mountain Hunting Club". The locale is loaded with hunting stands so lest you become prey it would behoove you to be aware the regulations governing when Texans are allowed to prowl the woods for game. About a third of mile up the road is the first area to the left, a short climb up a steep slope. The highest point on the top appears to be on the northern edge.

Continue along the dirt road and after about another half mile note a steep rise to the right. (Prior to this point, and not shown on the topo, is a road that diverges to the right.) Find a convenient place to climb this ridge and on the top is a flat area about a half mile in diameter. There is considerable growth of trees and underbrush as well as a road that encircles the entire rim. My guess would be Button Mountain was significantly higher before mining operations took hold and whatever mound buildups that remain there are man-made.

I made a complete hike around the perimeter and occasional forays into the interior. A few apparent man-made threads of dirt piles lined the plateau and a notable land rise on the western edge was evident. On the far eastern side is a buildup of at least twenty feet. If the strip mine mesa is completely level within the 720 foot contour and does not tilt by more than ten feet from one end to the other, this mound is in the 740 foot range, but most likely man-made. More sophisticated equipment is needed to verify this, then again it may be a moot point since it probably is not the work of nature.