Nolan County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 26, 2007
Author: Bob Packard

I visited all 15 contour areas. Heavy use of GPS. For the southern area in Nena Lucia Oil Field, I drove Mitchell CR 345 11 miles east from TX 208, north of Silver. Then at spot elevation 2582 on Dew Drop Creek Quad, turned sharp left (west) on Nolan CR 254 and, following the zig-zag road route (as shown on the map), drove right to the area. Hiked a loop around in it.

For the northwestern area on Bench Mountain, I drove south on TX 1230 to its improved end and drove one mile east and parked. Gate was open but was lockable, else I would have driven to the HP in the middle of huge wind farm. As it was I hiked, found BM and reference.

For the 7 northern areas on Lake Trammell Quad, I parked just off TX 608 in the front yard of a house near where 608 exits the west side of the quad. Left note on my truck. Following my GPS I visited all 7 areas one after the other walking full length in all. Didn't find Lloyd BM. That northern area has 2 radio towers neither at the HP. More wind farms. This was 2 hours and 4 miles of hiking.

For the 6 eastern areas (let's number them from southwest to northeast) on Lake Trammell Quad drove along TX 608 stopping along the road and doing hikes to #1 through #4. For #6 I took Harp Ranch Road at spot elevation 2579 and drove to near spot elevation 2588 and hiked out to and around the area. Very indistinct and very level. Unpleasant, too, with bumpy ground and loads of low prickly pear. If it weren't for my GPS, I'd have never known I was in a high contour. For #5 I found a set of ranch tracks going west off Harp Ranch Road, drove out there 0.3 mile and hiked slightly north, again indistinct. Another 2 hours, 4 miles hiking all told for these 6 areas.