Ochiltree County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 21, 2002
Author: Dave Olson

The HP is at the southwest corner of the county.

From FM 281 and the Hansford/Ochiltree county line go about 0.6 mile east, turn south on gravel road, go south about 1.5 miles to road corner, turn right and go west 0.2 mile on gravel and 0.4 mile further west on a dirt field road. At about 0.5 mile from the corner you will see a cattle-grate on the right, north, and a dirt lane going north to a gas well, with a battered road-side sign reading "Amoco Production Co./ Flowers Unit". Go 0.1 mile further west. There appears to have been a iron pipe/concrete monument at the county corner. It has been battered and knocked over. Look for the three foot heap of concrete and iron about 0.1 mile north of the field road.

From the heap-monument walk northeast, enough to make a good faith effort. This is very flat country. It was plowed when I was there, with mature corn in the irrigation circle a little further north.