Presidio County High Point Trip Report

Chinati Peak

Date: November, 1999
Author: John Garner

I have been trying to get more information on this peak. The area was supposedly bought by the state, and put into Big Bend Ranch State Natural Area. That park does exist, but it is VERY unimproved. I am trying to reach them with questions, but so far I can't get through. The state Parks Department in Austin gave the number as 915-229-3416, but I keep getting a busy signal. I'll keep trying.

I talked to several people with the state park and with the headquarters in Austin. The area was in fact deeded to the state, BUT, the state doesn't have any money to run a park there, and the Legislature won't meet again until Jan 2001. Until then, the place is off limits to everyone. With the speed of things in Austin, and the lack of real interest out there, it could literally be 10 years until we get access.

I got the name of the Executive Director of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. He is reportedly the only one who could give permission. I am going to write to him requesting permission for access. I talked to his deputy director by phone, but that man told me that quite a few people had requested access, and they had given NONE of them permission. I am going to try to phrase my letter so that we might be doing the state a service, such as scouting possible trails and access for future use. I am going to ask for a single date in the late winter or early spring.