Presidio County High Point Trip Report

Chinati Peak

Date: July 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

I drove south through Marfa and along FM-2810 that heads southwest out of Marfa to the north and west of Chinati Peak. The first thing I noticed was the presence of the Border Patrol. FM-2810 is paved for 32 miles and passes through some desolate country. It loses its pavement about 10 miles away from Chinati, and my little rental car was not up for it, so I turned back. But the views were pretty nice. I wasn't terribly sure which bump in the range was the hp but overall it looks pretty impressive.

I was told by the Conservancy guys that the Border Patrol is all over the place, with sentries atop the summit and sensors placed in strategic locations in case a crosser trips one of them. Basically, a stealth of this peak would probably get you a date with the Border Patrol.

On the other hand, the Conservancy is working to buy land nearby. They own some land that comes within a few hundred feet of the summit, and they are "friendly" with the landowner who owns the peak (interesting phrase). I was told there are roads and some infrastructure and maybe, a BIG MAYBE, they may open up the area to hikers in the mid-distant future. For now, it's inaccessible.