Presidio County High Point Trip Report

Chinati Peak

Date: December 2003
Author: "Lonewacko"

When I was in Texas I spoke over the phone with Gilbert Spencer, who is the supervisor or similar of Big Bend Ranch State Park. I promised to stop by when I was in the area, but I decided not to go to Big Bend so I never made it to that state park. It sounded like with enough persuasion, time, and offers to volunteer it might be possible at some time to visit Chinati Peak.

However, he also gave me the name of the owner of land that apparently offers access to Chinati Peak from the other side: Roy McBride. He owns the Livestock Protection Company which is based in Alpine, TX. However, he apparently spends most of his time in Florida. I have the Florida phone number, and I'll give it to someone who wants to follow up on this.