Reagan County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 10, 2002
Author: Scott Surgent

After a successful ascent of the Upton highpoints, I drove into McCamey then east along US-67 through Rankin and on towards Big Lake through the tiny settlements of Texon, Santa Rita and Best. In Best, I took Lone Wolf Road south over some railroad tracks, then followed it east a tiny distance, then south, west and south again for about 6 miles to a gated oil-lease road marked with "Kodiak" lease signs, slightly less then a mile south of the last major turn. Here, I parked, left a note in my truck in case anyone came upon it, and started in.

The hike follows decent ranch and oil roads west for about 2 miles to the elongated 2,960-foot contour marking Reagan's high ground. The roads and the topo map agree perfectly. Joyner windmill, a large active windmill just west of the highpoint swale, was visible much of the way and served as an excellent reference point. I walked these roads at a brisk pace, staying on the roads and only going cross country at the final bit to walk the highpoint region. The land is dotted with oil pumps and storage tanks. Juniper is somewhat thick in this area. I did come across a flock of sheep (ewes and lambs mainly) on my way out. The round trip took about 45 minutes. So far as I can tell, no one ever drove by my truck. From here I drove back west towards Fort Stockton, where I spent the night.