Roberts County High Point Trip Report

Fence BM and other area (3,260+ ft)

Date: November 11, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

Probably my most enjoyable highpoint of the afternoon. By this time the fog and general gloominess began to burn off and the temperatures began to rise to a comfortable level. I was in an area of rolling hills and some badlands among feeder creeks into the Canadian River. I passed through the Roberts County Seat of Miami (which is pronounced Miam-uh as I found out) and made my way across toward the Roberts County highpoint area, located in the southwestern part of the county.

Best access to this area is from FM-282. Although I came in from the east, these directions are for travelers coming up from the south out of Pampa. Take FM-282 north about 8 miles or so out of Pampa. Where FM-282 turns east, continue north very briefly (about 200 feet) along Hayhook Ranch Road to another road at some houses and mailboxes. Turn left (west) and proceed along a very solidly packed dirt road for one mile. Cross a cattle grate and follow the road as it bends north then northwesterly. Cross two more cattle grates. The last cattle grate is at a fence line.

Park and walk north about 500 feet in the low scrub up a very slight rise. For the second area, backtrack south about 1/8 of a mile, park where convenient and walk south up another pretty obvious rise. In both cases the tops are flat and rounded. However, the views are pretty nice, looking north out toward some more rolling hills.