Roberts County High Point Trip Report

Date: September 21, 2002
Author: Walt O'Neil

From Pampa take Route 282 north from U.S. 60 to about a mile north of the Roberts County line, a distance of 7.7 miles. Where Route 282 curves right, stay straight on Morrison Ranch Road for 0.1 mile and head left 0.9 mile-then north and northwest to a fence and cattle guard. The total distance from Route 282 is 2.35 miles.

There is definite high area in the road. Park and hike north along the fence on the left toward a pole. There are dirt tracks to make it easy but is weedy by the road.. Just past the pole is a small shrub at the fence, easily spotted under which is a BM, which is cleverly named BM Fence. The HP is closer to the pole or at the pole. I walked on the right side of the fence as well to grid the contour.

The second area is south of the road on an obvious rise. Unsure of which is higher but a nice short hike.