Robertson County Highpoint Trip Report

Dates: May 29-30, 2004
Author: David Olson

Memorial Day weekend I went after this CoHP, using Bill Jacobs' trip report. My first two steps, 7:10pm, verified what Bill reported. After my effort, at 9:00 pm, I concluded that I did not make the top. My initial opinion was that Bill's report was wrong and possibly Bill did not get on top either.

I initially thought that the HP was in the 10:00 location relative to crossing the fence, across the field where the power line prominently climbs the hill. I expected and did not find a two-track crossing the field in that direction. I walked in that direction and where the power line crests the hill I headed into the very-thick brush. I ended up somewhere ... the presumed end of my brush thrashing is here.

When I was done, after 8:00 pm, I measured everything for this trip report. Between 8:30 pm and 9:00 pm I was oriented and knew where to head. I would have attempted to force following the fence but by then it was way past sundown and I headed home, a shower and my own bed.

Sunday morning, after the fourth re-read, I concluded that I had misread and jumbled what Bill wrote. My mess-up came from depending too much on a trip report and not locating my hike-start-point on the map, and getting oriented, before starting.

I would re-write Bill's second paragraph, and the last sentence of his first paragraph. Bill wrote "... The highpoint is the hill above the field....". My rewrite would read: "... This trailhead is located at the south corner of the field at this location ...".

The highpoint is the hill above the field, at the 12:00 direction relative to the gate crossing. Do not be mislead by the power line going up the hill-flank at the 10:00 direction. (It) leads to here.

For the true HP, cross the gate and proceed counter-clockwise along the edge of the field. At the east corner of the field continue counter-clockwise, turn "north", and proceed 100 yards. Look for a dual rutted road going right, into the woods. Go up the road. Just short of the crest head right and through the considerable brush to reach the hilltop. Look for the fence crossing the top. This is the same fence you had hiked along at the start of your hike.