Rockwall County Highpoint Trip Report

Date: May 2004
Author: Daniel Smith

From I-30, take Exit 70 to go north on FM 549. The directions from Scott Surgent & Bob Packard's report were accurate.

From 549, turn right (east) on Riding Club Road and head up a hill. The first area (Point 624-feet) is not located near the really nice house with the gated driveway; continue along to the next house on the left (north). I went up to the house and spoke with a teenage son who granted access with no problem. Seeming as though CoHPing were a "normal" pastime, he said that people come by fairly frequently asking for access.

I walked along the barbed wire fence-line up to a distinct rise near a fence support. The ground across the fence seemed about as high, though the rise near the fence probably puts it slightly higher (man-altered?).

For the second area, I continued up to the T-intersection with TX-66 and stopped at the second house. I went up to the door but no one was home. I walked around back near the garage-shed looking for someone who could grant permission, but found no one. The ground behind the garage and the neighbor's garage to the west looks to be about the same height. When looking around the area, it seems that the true HP may have been graded away during the construction on the homes.

The third area is just off of FM 549 to the west. The hill summit is not behind the white, wood fence, but just south behind the barbed wire fence. There is a trailer near a gate that might be a construction office or something of the sort. The HP is distinct at about 10 paces from the east-west fence line.

Total time to visit all the points was about 20 minutes.