Runnels County High Point Trip Report

Moro Mountain

Date: May 28, 2000
Author: David Olson

We found that the road west of Moro Mtn. no longer goes through. From the south it is gated off near the corner with spot elevation 2029'. From the north it is gated off just south of a corner where the road dips below 1950'. We parked on the north road 0.5 miles east of the gate and started hiking south, at 7:40 pm. Over 0.2 miles we slid under two sheep-wire fences, tight-to-the-ground. Hiking south from the second fence we came upon two east-west roads. (The two roads join > 0.1 miles further west). We hiked east on the upper road as it climbed up onto the mountain, then followed it past several forks to the HP area. When the road split to loop around the HP area we bushwhacked 0.25 miles up to the top. I built a cairn just as the sun set. We were off the mountain during twilight and only had to deal with the road-two- fences-car leg in the dark. We were back at our cars at 10:13 pm.