Rusk County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 22, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

Rusk County has two points of geographic reference called Mount Enterprise, the town and the mountain. The orientation in Andy Martin's book is based on the mountain, not the town.

From the intersection of H84 and H259 (in the city of Mt. Enterprise) proceed north 1.3 miles. To the right is a gated road (signed "American Tower") leading about a third of a mile up the hill to area one. The highest point appears to be to the right as you gain the top of the hill.

For the second area proceed back down H259 (south) for two tenths of a mile turning left (east) onto CR3202. Cross H315 at 0.9 mile and continue straight ahead onto Rusk County 3195. At one mile, turn left onto 3185. At 1.3 miles, where there is a cemetery on the right not shown on the topo, take the dirt road to the left (old entry sign "Pilgrim Pride - Sugar Hill Farm). Drive one-third of a mile past some metal buildings to the right to a fence/gate down in a small valley, signed again "American Tower". The second area is on the hill behind the tower.