Sabine County High Point Trip Report

Forse Mtn [Patroon South] (580+ ft)

Date: March 25, 2001
Author: Roy Schweiker

Took woods road not on quad S from FR-108 near unmarked county line for 0.3 mi. to a fallen tree, but couldn't get reading from Magellan 2000 and decided I wanted to start from a known point, so went back and parked on FR-108 0.3 mi E of county line. Fought through brush over a couple ridges to find an overgrown skid road/ATV trail. Follow various branches toward mountain, finally turn on path which ascends ridge to tree stand.

Never saw Forest boundary, but as ridge leveled out I came out in a large clear-cut. This had a road up from the other side and could be Martinized with permission. The actual HP has no doubt been turned into a skidder rut but you can choose from remaining areas. On the return, I followed the skid trail out to the fallen tree where I had been before, and then the road back to my car.

Topo chart