San Augustine County High Point Trip Report

Date: March 29, 2002
Author: Bill Jacobs

From the junction of H147 and H21, about a mile east of downtown San Augustine, go north on H21 for 2.2 miles. Turn right on CR114 for 1.2 miles, then left on CR123 for 0.3 mile where the road makes a 90 degree turn to the right (east).

From this intersection, facing north, observe to the left (9:00 o'clock position) the home of the area one landowner, a dirt road straight ahead (12:00) for best access to area one, a rutted-sand road heading into the trees (12:30) toward area two, and the main road turning right (3:00). Although there were four pick-up trucks outside the farmhouse, no one came to the door. A dog resting along the side of the house was obviously not of Texas stock as he failed to bare his fangs or mount an on-rushing attack.

Area one is the most likely candidate for the county's highest point. The contour lines conform to the shape of a peanut shell and the two ends of the area appear to have the highest points. For best access, drive straight ahead form the intersection mentioned above in paragraph two. The road takes you over a small hill and down into a small open space. To avoid agitating the cattle, I approached the area from the backside (northwest) and walked toward the farmhouse along the spine of the hilltop.

Returning to the intersection and taking the rutted road into the forest brings you to area two. A distinct high area is difficult to locate in the surrounding undergrowth.