Scurry County High Point Trip Report

Near Fluvanna BM (2,840+ ft)

Date: March 13, 2001
Author: Scott Surgent

From Post in Garza county, proceed southeast on "eastbound" US-84 about 15 miles to its junction with FM-1269, make a right turn and proceed due south. Very visible about 3 miles away is a set of bluffs, on top of which contains the Scurry highpoint. FM-1269 gains rather steeply up this bluff then tops out amid a farm to the left (east) and a gravel/clay mine to the right (west). Conveniently enough, the highway crosses over the 2,840-foot closed contour, so all one needs to do is park, get out and walk the immediate area.

I looked for a legal way in toward the gravel/clay mine since this contour extended that way, but could find none, so I called it good as is. I doubt I would have gained much more than a foot or two. Some slash piles in the mine area were clearly higher than the surrounding land but not counted as they are manmade.