Sherman County High Point Trip Report

elevation 3,805+ ft

Date: November 11, 2000
Author: Scott Surgent

There are two areas that are contained inside 3,805-foot contours; the two areas are located about 500 feet from one another near the Sherman-Dallam county line. From the railroad tracks in Stratford on US-287 (near its junction with US-54), proceed northbound on US-287 for 7 miles to County Road 2 on the right. Turn right and proceed due north for 1.4 miles to an obvious highpoint along this road.

This is a pleasant hike through some overgrown fields. Two utility poles off to the left serve as good points of reference, as does an abandoned house about 0.4 miles south of the highpoint areas. The fields are not fenced nor posted against trespassing. I began walking through the grass clumps and brush, zigzagging often to take a path of least resistance, but staying the course due west using the poles as reference. The eastern of the two 3,805-foot contours is passed in this area. I continued walking west with a slight WSW bend, walking up a slight rise. I used the farmhouse as a reference, walking until it was a bit to my southeast. At some point I crossed the county line into Dallam county, and in the process crossed the second of the two 3,805-foot contours. There is a 3,810-foot contour just inside Dallam county, which suggests that the western of the two 3,805-footers contains the actual highpoint, but both can easily be done using my route. Total hiking was just over a mile. Weather was foggy and cool, about 40 degrees.