Sherman County Highpoint Trip Report

3,805+ ft

Date: September 24, 2006
Author: Edward Earl

Scott Surgent's report is good, but some conditions have changed.

A cow pasture occupies most of the region between County Road 2 and the abandoned house that Scott used as a reference. A one-strand electric fence surrounds the pasture. I easily stepped over it as I began walking west from the road. The surface conditions were much better than in Scott's report: there was only a low, flat stubble of grass. I walked along the north side of the pasture, parallel to the electric fence.

The eastern HP is about 50 feet N of the first of the two utility poles mentioned in Scott's report. The second utility pole is at the NW corner of the pasture and due N of the house. Beyond this point, the surface conditions deteriorate and are as described in Scott's report: clumps of tall grass that must constantly be stepped around, following a zigzag path. I headed SW until I reached the top of the hill just W of the Dallam county line. There is no evidence of the county line in the field. I walked due E from the hilltop until I reached the W side of the pasture; somewhere on this path is the western HP.