Stephens County High Point Trip Report

Date: February 11, 2002
Author: John Garner

Andy Martin's book shows 5 areas of 1620+ ft, one with a spot elevation of 1628 ft. The area with the spot elevation runs across a local paved farm road (FM 1191); the topo also shows a spot elevation of 1628 ft at the intersection between this road and gravel section line road.

I visited the site, and since I had my surveying equipment, used a laser level to check the elevations nearby. The highest area inside this contour is actually near an oil tank on the west side of the road, about 150 yards north of the intersection. The highest ground measured 14 inches higher than the center of the road, giving it an elevation of 1629 ft. I also checked out the rest of the contour, including the other spot elevation of 1628 ft, and I found an area a few inches lower than the road intersection.

I did not visit the other areas.