Stephens County High Point Trip Report

Gunsight Mtn (1,620+ ft)

Date: March 17, 2003
Author: Scott Surgent

This report is just for the westernmost area and is meant to augment John Garner's report on the eastern flat areas.

On TX-112, northeast of Cisco and west of Ranger (some maps may have it as TX-69), go north on Eastland CR-331 to the county line, where a small sign notes the road as Stephens CR-154. Follow the road about a mile further as it bends west, and park in a clearing just north of a gate. Some oil storage tanks are in the field to the south. No restrictive signs whatsoever, and definitely not a well-traveled area.

Follow the dashed road south of the gate south and west into the brush and trees, and start climbing. Some moderate bushwhacking will lead to a north-south fence built incongruously amid the brush. This fence is easily breached and is in disrepair. The ridge is achieved fairly quickly (it took me about 15 minutes from my truck). Fortunately, the top ridge is mostly clear. Walk the spine north and south to cover this area. An east-west fence line seems to correspond with the county line. A cleared area can be followed down to the road from here but signs at that entrance were pretty adamant against trespassing.

There is enough relief and "bumpiness" along this ridge to suggest that it's possible that elevations may reach the magical 1,628 ft figure in the eastern areas. I'd highly suggest that this area be visited to count Stephens as done, along with the eastern areas.